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Air Pupifier

By ozone fumigation or ultraviolet lampfradiaiion and light catalyst catalyzed dy ultraviolet light, cyde for many times,discharge the gemicidal air, so as to achieve the indoor sterile effect.

♦ high intensity ultraviolet disinfection sterilization (personnel can work in the field of dynamic).

♦high concentration ozone disinfection sterilization (personnel should leave the scene, static).

♦light catalytic synergy high intensity ultraviolet disinfection sterilization.

♦electrostatic adsorption.

♦strongly activated carbon automatically adsorb to get rid of the smell.

♦stainless steel filter mask.

♦negative oxygen ion to make air pure and clean.

♦ozone malfunction automatically detect alarm prompt.

♦ultraviolet tube automatic fault detection alarm prompt.

Technical Parameters

ParameterWall mounting type                                    Mobile type
DisinfectionstateDynamic and static
Sterilization space(m3)                   40100150100150200300
Ozone yield (mg/h)20003000500030005000700010000
UV power(W)         3036x436x636x436X6          36X8    36x12
UV intensity(um/cm2)10000100001000010000100001000010000
Product size(mm)640x 225x115 896x 298x195 1100 x298x195 440x350 x 780440X440X880 480x260x1650 510x330x1800
Total power(W)80200260200300500700
Power:220V/50Hz  Safety categories:type 1 category B Noise of 70dB  Environmental temperature:5 to 40℃


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