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Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

The automatic biochemical analyzer is an instrument that measures a specific chemical composition in body fluids based on the principle of photoelectric colorimetry.

C800 Automatic biochemical analyzer

1, analysis system

Test ped:constant sped 80T/H (without ISE) Minimum reactio volume 120μL

Support multiple calibration methods such as linear and nonlinear

2, Optical system

Integrated ulyenclosed optical ystem 

Absorbance range: 0-4Abs 

The center wavelengtherror is ±2nm, 

The half-wave width is not more than 12nm 

Stray ligh is ot more than 0.3%

3, Reagent tray

Large capacity rfrigerated reagent tray

Independent power supply design for reagent tray, independent refrigeration tecnology, continuous rfrigeration for 24 hours Reagent chamber temperature 2-8C

Automatic detection of the remaining amount of reagents,ral-time display of remaining amount of reagents

Support single and double reagents, reagents are completely open

4, Sample plate

Large-capacity sampletray spporting mixed placement of various samples

Compatibl withdisposable blood cllection tubes, micro cups, lastic tet tubes, tc.

Emergency prority insertion and sample retest function 

Real-time disply of sample tes tatus

5,Reagent loading system 

Safe and accurate ragent illin system

Imported high-precision reagent needles to prevent reagent residues The reagent needl has the functions ofliquid level sensing and volume tacking 

Reagent needle three-dimensional anti-collision protection function

6, Sample adding system

Independent, safe and acurate samplefilig system;

Imported high-precision sample needles to prevent sample residues; 

Automatic dilution and retest function;

The sample needle has the function of self-checking and alarming wher the needle is blocked;

The sample needl has the functions ofliquid level sensing and volume trackin;

The sample needle has a three-dimensional anti-collision protection function.

7,Reaction cuvette cleaning system 

6 groups of cleaning needles; 

Unique flowing water cleaning; 

Usealkaline cleaning fluid.

8, operating system

The interface design is convenient and intuitive, and the operation is simple and convenient; 

Fully open test parameter settings;

Real-time display of sample test status reagent remaining amount,and reaction disk usage status;

Automatical check the calibration curve and automatically fit the best calibration curve.Th types of calibration include:

Linear,nonlinear,Logit- 4P,Logit-5P, Spline,exponent,polynomial factor method; 

Multilingual perating system.


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