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Bluetooth Temperature And Humidity Meter

Temperature and humidity meter is used for measuring the surroundings temperature and humidity so that we can know the environment conditions for production and storage.
Humidity range0~100%RH
Temperature range-20°C~80°C(-4°F~176°F)
Dew point temperature(-20°C~800C/-4°F~176°F)
Wet Bulb temperature00C~80°C/32°F~176°F)
Humidity accuracy± 3%RH(25°C,20%~80%RH).

±2.5%RH(At other ranges)
Air temperature accuracy±0.8°C/±0.9°F(25°C)

±0.8"C/±1.5°F(At other ranges)
Response time10S

4 AAA batteries
The device can with a small display, the APP of Android and IOS can monitor
data remotely (Bluetooth transmission)
Can generate digital charts, trend graphs;
Support to save / share data graphs ,xls
Support save / share trend graphs .jpg
IOS8.3/Android 4.3 above (bluetooth4.0)


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