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Chemical Fire Proof Explosion Proof Cabinet

One of the main causes of fire is improper storage or handling of flammable and combustible liquids, such as thinner, wipers
Water, washing water, ethanol, etc., fires have seriously endangered people's lives and property safety!
Safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids is a simple and easy way to avoid the risk of fire.
Classification and hierarchical management of products is very important!
Fire-proof and explosion-proof safety cabinets help you standardize and store all kinds of hazardous chemicals in classification and grading to reduce the risk of fire.
Ensure the safety of personnel and property, and bring the most reliable guarantee for your storage.
The different colors allow the staff to better distinguish the product categories. The fire and explosion-proof safety cabinets are divided into 4 colors.
Different: yellow, red, blue, white, each color stores different chemicals, yellow stores flammable liquids, red
The color stores flammable liquids, the blue stores weakly corrosive liquids, and the white stores poisons, anesthetics and other dangerous drugs. Use fire protection
Explosion safety cabinet storage can effectively avoid fires caused by chemicals, and fires caused by chemicals in daily life
It is not uncommon to see that the standardized and reasonable storage of hazardous chemicals can completely avoid the occurrence of this part of the fire.


◆Cold-rolled steel plate: The whole cabinet adopts 1.2mm high-quality thickened cold-rolled steel plate, which is acid and alkali resistant, anti-rust, strong load-bearing, not easy to deform, and long service life.

◆Double-layer structure: the cabinet body is made of double-layer thickened steel plates, and the space between the two layers of steel plates is 38mm, forming a fireproof barrier, which has stronger fireproof performance.

◆Double double lock design: padlock + key lock double protection,. Ratio / middle / lower three-point linkage door lock design, improve the safety of the whole cabinet.

◆Galvanized laminate: acid and alkali resistance, anti-leakage, movable adjustable design, can adjust the card position up and down, freely combine the compartment space.

◆Fire vents: vents are provided on the lower left and upper right of the cabinet to prevent the chemical in the cabinet from being too high due to long-term airtightness.

◆Anti-leakage tank: 50mm deep anti-leakage tank is provided at the bottom to prevent dangerous chemical liquids from overflowing outside the cabinet.

◆Epoxy resin spraying: the surface of the cabinet body is sprayed with lead-free epoxy resin, after high temperature treatment, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and oxidation resistance.

◆Electrostatic grounding wire: There is an electrostatic conduction port on the left side of the cabinet to prevent fire accidents caused by static sparks and meet the security inspection requirements.

◆Hinge: Uninterrupted piano hinges ensure that the door will not hang down and will not be deformed. The cabinet door can be opened and closed freely by 180°, and the airtightness is good.

◆Label: There are eye-catching warning labels on the cabinet, which is convenient for the staff to distinguish the product category.


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