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Clean Biological Safely Cabinet


♦It accords with physical engineering principle, 10° inclination design, so the operating feel is more excellent.

♦Air insulation design to avoid cross pollution inside and outside air drculation . A2 series with 70% air redrculation; 30% air exhaust, B2 series with 100% air exhaust.

♦Equipped with spring up/down movable door in the front and back of work bench, flexible and convenient to locate.

♦Equipped with special fitter on ventilation to keep vented air informing to national standard.

♦Contact switch adjusts voltage to keep wind speed in worldng area in ideal state all the time.

♦Operate with LED panel.

♦The material of the work area is 304 stainless steel.

Pararneter/modelBSC-1000IIA2/BSC-1000IIB2BSC-1300IIA2/BSC-1300IIB2BSC-1600IILA2 / BSC-1600IIB2
Cleaning level100 Level(USA Federal Standard 209E) x 0.5um Granulae x 3.5per liter
Descending wind speed>0.35m/s
Wind speed In> 0.55m/s
Half venfilation peak value≤3um
Power supply/Max power consumptionAC220V/50Hz/1kW
Biological safetyPersonnel protection: impact type sampler CFU x 10,
Product protection: all sampling vessels: CFU x 5
Cross contamination protection: all double dishes: CFU x 2
Working area1000x650x6201300X650X6201600 x 650 x 620
Overall dimension1195X720X19501495X720X19501795 X 720X1950
Specification of air-supply filter955 X 545 X 50X11290X554X50X11590X554X50X1
Specification and number of fluorescent lamp or UV lamp20WX2/20WX130WX2/30WX130WX2/30WX2
Category: A2 for 70% Air Exhaust,30% Air Recirculation:B2for 100% Air Exhaust.


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