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Compressed Air Collector

According to the regulations of GMP, the cleaness of compressed air and microganism need to be detected. Compressed air collector model ZJSJ-008 can adapt to the pressure range from 30-150psi.
1. Cleanliness: The range of particle size: >0.3 um, flow rate: 28.3 L/min, 50L/min 100L/min.
2. Microganism detection:Micrabial air sample, flow rate:50L/min, 100L/min
In the sampling process, the Input gas Is not wasted, and 100% of the input gas Is applied to the process sampling.


  1. During the sampling process, the input gas is not wasted, and 100% of the input gas is applied to the process sampling.

  2.  The products are widely applicable and safe and reliable.

  3.  The core components are imported components.

  4.  Easy installation and start-up.

Applicability> 0.3 um @ 28.3 L/min, 50L/min, 100L/min
Can be used for 50L/min,100L/min microbial air-sample
Input pressure0.1-1.0Mpa(30-150psi)
Compatible with gasNitrogen,Argon,Helium
Overall dimension150 x 300 x 200mm


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