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Digital Illuminometer

Illuminometer, also called luminance meter and photometer, is a measuring instrument to measure the illumination intensity (illuminance) of an object.


Maximum measure: Lux 100,000

High accuracy and quick reaction

Read value locking function, can lock the measured value

Symbol and unit display, easy to read

Auto Zero

Photosensitivity characteristics:

Storage temperature and humidity :-10~-50℃(14~122℉)0-70 per cent

Battery life: continuous use for about 200 hours

Optical detector size (W×L×H):58×28×105(mm)

Table size (W×L×H):72×30(mm)


Display :3 1/2-bit LCD, maximum reading 1999

Range :2,000 Lux ,20,000 Lux ,100,000 Lux

Overload display:

①_x0001_ 2000 Lux、20,000Lux overload display "1"

②_x0001_ Overload display OVER" Lux 100,000

Range :1 Lux~100,000 Lux

Resolution :1 Lux

Accuracy :10,000 Lux ±(4+10 bytes)

≥10,000 Lux ±(5 per cent +10 words)

Duplicate test :±2 per cent

Temperature characteristics :℃±1 per cent

Operating temperature and humidity :0~-40℃(32~104℉)0-70 per cent

Sampling rate :2 times per second

Photosensitive: Light-emitting diode with filter lens

Electricity :9 V battery

Weight :170g


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