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Elastic Mesh Bandage

The base fabric of the bandage is made of a combination of a nonwoven fabric and a stretch yam material. The adhesive layer of the bandage is composed of a pressure-sensitive adhesive or a hot-melt adhesive non-toxlc sanitary material. This product contains elastic or non-olastic materials, and it should notin direct contact with the wound surface.

Application Scope

Used to provide the binding force for wound dressings or limbs and trunks, so as to achieve the purpose of enswathing and fixation.

Application Method

With uniform force and good air permeability, it is good for blood circulation and removal of secretions from wounds. It is suitable for dressing of various parts of the body, emergency dressing, scald, orthopedics, general extracranial and extracorporeal dressings, and applying dressings to cotton wool.

The outer layer of the wound will complete the dressing, ligation, dressing and other simple and quick.


1-This product is not sterilized;

2. This product is disposable, and it shall be destroyed after being used.

3, Valid Period: 24 months.


5x400cm, 7.5x400cm. 10x400cm, 15x400cm. 2.5x450cm, 5x450cm、7.5x450cm, 10x450cm, 15x450cm, 5x270cm, 7.5x270cm, 10x270cm, 15x270cm , 20x450cm, 5x500cm, 7.5x500cm, 10x500cm,l 5x500cm, 20x500cm.


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