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Electronic Moisture Proof Cabinet

Specially used to store and manage precision accessories, advanced lenses, photographic equipment, optical equipment, integrated circuit boards, SMT, microcomputer chips and other electronic materials and accessories, to prevent mold, fog, oxidation, corrosion, material deformation, aging and fracture, electronics Device failure, etc.


◆Material: The moisture-proof cabinet is made of 1.2mm cold-rolled steel sheet, stamped and bent, and the inner and outer surfaces are treated with electrostatic powder spray

◆Dehumidification movement: adopts American Honeywell ultra-sensitive sensor, environmental protection, power saving, no dripping, no noise, no high temperature, and more thoughtful protection of objects

◆Safety locks: switch smart, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, anti-rust, safe and anti-theft

◆Toughened glass: 4mm high-strength tempered glass, with strong airtightness, strong heat insulation, moisture-proof and dust-proof

◆Shelf: movable adjustable shelf, can adjust the card position up and down, freely combine the compartment space

◆Electrostatic design: avoid static electricity generated by low humidity, protect electronic objects more thoughtfully

◆Adjustable foot pads: you can easily cope with uneven ground

◆ Casters: Industrial-grade universal casters, 360-degree flexible rotation, low noise, wear resistance, anti-aging

◆The humidity range is divided into 1-10%, 10-20%, 20-60%RH

◆The moisture-proof cabinet adopts the American-made HoneywelI high-precision humidity sensor, and the error value is +3%RH

◆The moisture-proof cabinet automatically absorbs moisture when power is off, and the chemical material continuously absorbs moisture for 24 hours after power off.

◆The color is divided into black (anti-static) and off-white (not anti-static)

Scope of application

Relative humidity (RH)

Examples of proper humidity storage

45%- -60%

Books, antiques, banknotes, ancient books, fax paper, copy paper

Camera, lens, microscope, magnifying glass, telescope, tape, CD

35%- -45%

Recording tape, film, negative and negative film, musical instruments, stamps, fur, Chinese medicinal materials,

Tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc.

Precision metal molds, measuring instruments, electronic parts, motherboard metal powder,

20%- -35%

Blue conductor, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

Electronic components, IC, BGA, samples, standard measuring tools, seeds, pollen,

10- 20%

Bulbs and other materials with high humidity requirements


Materials that are particularly sensitive to humidity, and occasions with very high humidity requirements,

Such as special IC, BGA, diamond, etc.


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