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FYTS-36H Touch UV Disinfection Desk Lamp

Ultraviolet disinfection lamps are also known as ultraviolet germicidal lamps and ultraviolet fluorescent lamps. Lamp for sterilization and disinfection by using the sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays.

1. On/Off

Plug to the power socket, the lamp buzzer beeps once(lt means being connected to power only, the lamp is not in running state). Press On/Off key, the buzzer beeps once and the lamp is in stand-by state; If you press the On/Off key when it is in running , the buzzer will beeps once continuously and the lamp is shut off.

2. Timing Key

You can choose sterilizing time according to specific requirement(15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes), the buzzer beeps once for each choice on the timing key. Press the timing key and then the On/Off key, the lamp starts to work with the buzzer beeping twice.

3. Running State

The lamp will count down 10 seconds after starting to work , the buzzer will beep once every second to warn the person to leave the room quickly. In 10 seconds, the lamp starts to radiate UV light and count the sterilization time.

When the sterilization time ends, the lamp will shut off with buzzer beeping 10 times to announce the end of sterilization.

4. Wireless Remote Control

The usage of remote control is the same as the keys in the panel.


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