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Face Thermometer

The face recognition thermometer is a device that integrates non-contact temperature measurement and face recognition functions. It is used in stations, hospitals, parks, communities, schools and other places with high mobility of people. It can be connected to the access control system to achieve Face-swiping + temperature measurement to open the door function, when the portrait is recognized by comparison and the body temperature is monitored normally, the door or barrier can be automatically opened to improve safety.


★Language switching: support Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean language switching;

★Accurate temperature measurement; detection temperature error ±0.3℃;

★High temperature warning: automatic warning for high body temperature;

★Temperature switching; can freely switch between Fahrenheit℉ and Celsius ℃ with one button;

★LED light reminder: LED reminder light, the red light is on when the body temperature is abnormal, and the green light is on when the body temperature is normal;

★High-definition backlight: LCD high-definition backlight display, can also display in the dark environment;

★LED fill light: LED fill light, the intensity of the fill light can be adjusted freely.

Product parameter

Dimensions 120*80 (mm) Power supply DC12V/5V power bank.

Temperature measurement distance 0.5m-0.8m Temperature measurement speed ≤300ms.

Display 2.4-inch LCD display Temperature measurement error ±0.3℃.

Wiring mode Wiring-free and construction-free Installation mode Tripod.


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