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High-throughput Liquid Dispensing Platform (six Channels, Twelve Channels)

Product description: This product uses a high-precision peristaltic pump to dispense liquids into various suitable containers.
Product application: Suitable for 32-bit and 96-bit nucleic acid extractor matching reagents.


1. Divided liquid types: 6 kinds, 12 kinds.

2. Tubing: 6 sets, 12 sets, silicone tube + stainless steel needle, high temperature sterilization 20-50 times, easy to replace.

3. Board positions: 3 positions.

4. Adaptation container: 96-well deep-well plate, 48-well deep-well plate, 96-well PCR plate, ELASA plate, 1.5ml cryopreservation tube, 5ml sample tube, 10ml sample tube, different kinds of suitable container holders can be customized.

5. Powerful control software: optional board, can be set to add liquid volume, can set dosing speed, can be calibrated.

6. Dosing accuracy: the error can be controlled within 5%.

7. Adding liquid speed: 96-well plate, 500ul per well, only 8 seconds.


Some characteristic parameters of the high-throughput liquid-dispensing platform:

Product number


Dosing range and accuracy

scenes to be used

Function introduction


Six-channel dispensing platform



 More than 20ul, ±5%, 1-6 kinds of reagents

3*96 plate nucleic acid extraction reagent, 90-well sample tube, ELASA reagent addition and various biological reagents

1. The volume can be set arbitrarily, the board position can be selected, and multiple programs can be saved.

2. It can add liquid in half board.

96 deep-well plates, ELASA plates, 24-well plates, 48-well plates, sample tubes.

12-channel dispensing platform



More than 30ul, ±5%, 1-6 kinds of reagents

3*96 plates of nucleic acid extraction reagents, ELASA reagent dosing and various biological reagents dosing and sub-packing

96 deep well plate, ELASA plate.


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