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High-throughput Tissue Grinder

The pioneering work of high-throughput grinding
Say goodbye to manual grinding
More functions and more efficient
Grind a variety of samples in 1-3 minutes
Greatly shorten sample preparation time
Tissuelyser-II is a product launched to bid farewell to manual grinding. It is a veritable laboratory multifunctional and efficient sample preparation instrument.

Tissuelyser-II high-throughput tissue grinder

1. Wide range ofapplication

It can quickly and effectively dry or wet gringing hard, soft, and elastic samples within 1-3 minutes, and can also achieve the purpose of mixing and homogenizing powders and turbid liquids.

2. Multifunctional use

It can be used for cryogenic liquid nitrogen freezing and grinding, and it can also be used for biological cell disruption and DNA/RNA and protein extraction.

3. No cross contamination

Use a closed sample tube to avoid cross-contamination between samples and external contamination.

4. Flexible operation

It can crush 1-192 samples at a time,and you can choose 24-well,56-well,96-well adapter plates,or 50ml,25ml grinding jars.

5. Adjustable parameters

The oscillation speed is adjustable:100-1800 times/min;the oscillation timing is adjustable: 1 second to 99 minutes and 9 seconds.

6. Complete supporting products

Including 2×28-well 2.0ml centrifuge tubes, 2×12-well 5.0ml centrifuge tubes, 2×96-well deep-well plates,50ml and 25ml grinding jars.


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