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Inoculation Loop

The inoculation loop is a commonly used inoculation tool in bacterial culture, and is widely used in many disciplines such as microbial detection, cell microbes, and molecular biology.

One-time use, used to complete sample collection and inoculation by streaking or puncture.


· Smooth surface to ensure even and smooth streaking inoculation without damaging the agar surface

· The color identifies the specification type of the product, and is easy to identify and manage

· The shaft is polygonal, which is convenient to grab and control the direction, making the operation easier

· Can provide hard and soft products according to needs

· Independent paper-plastic (easy to tear) and zipper bag (tamper-proof and reusable) two kinds of packaging, can eliminate the risk of pollution


Type A: 20pcs/bag, 50×20pcs/medium box, 10×1000/carton.

Type B: 10pcs/bag, 100×10pcs/medium box, 10×1000/carton.

Type C: 5pcs/bag, 100×5pcs/medium box, 10×500/carton.

Type D: Independent paper-plastic packaging, 500pcs/medium box, 10×500/carton.


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