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Intelligent Neck Massager

Whether you'are tired of experiencing neck pain or you simply struggle to relax and unwind, this portable electronic neck massager device aims to treat neck pain, promote local blood circulation, relax local muscles, relieve fatigue and help you relax with its multitude of variable settings.

Intelligent Neck Massager

1) Ergonomic design fits around and neck.                                          

2) Inrared heating, 3 temperature levels.                                                        

3) Low frequency electric impulse, 16 grades intensity.                      

4) With built-in health magnet, will give you a variety of health care massage effect.                                                      5) 6 different massage modes for choice.                                            

6) Red light heating, 3 temperature levels: +38℃ - +48℃.                                                       

7) 15 minutes timing function.                                                                         

8) with wireless Remote controller, more convenient to use.                                                                                        

9) Light weight and portable.                                                             

10) Relieving stress. 

11) Alleviating headaches and pain. 

12) Stimulating the flow of blood and oxygen. 

13) Improving sleep.

Material         ABS,metal
Power Supply5V DC 1A
Lithium battery3.7V DC, 1100mA 
Charging time2-3 hours
Package size
Heating Temperature38℃~ 48℃
Impulse frequency 1-1000HZ  
Width of Impulse20-400us
Wave of impulseSquare Wave


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