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Malaria Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold)

Malaria Rapid Test Cassette for the 4 main parasite (plasmodium) types contracted from the mosquito – P.falciparum , P.vivax, P. ovale and P.malariae.
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Malaria Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold)

This malaria test will look for the 4 main parasite (plasmodium) types contracted from the mosquito – P.falciparum , P.vivax, P. ovale and P.malariae.

Plasmodium falciparum is responsible for the majority of malaria deaths globally and is the most prevalent species in sub-Saharan Africa.
The remaining species are not typically as life threatening as P. falciparum.
Plasmodium vivax, is the second most significant species and is prevalent in South East Asia and Latin America. P. vivax and Plasmodium ovale have the added complication of a dormant liver stage, which can be reactivated in the absence of a mosquito bite, leading to clinical symptoms.
P. ovale and Plasmodium malariae represent only a small percentage.

What Is Malaria?

Malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. In the human body, the parasites multiply in the liver, and then infect red blood cells.  Symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, and vomiting, and usually appear between 10 and 15 days after the mosquito bite. If not treated, malaria can quickly become life-threatening by disrupting the blood supply to vital organs. In many parts of the world, the parasites have developed resistance to a number of malaria medicines.

Technical Specifications:

Technology: Linear immuno-chromatographic assay
Format: Cassette
Sample type: Whole blood, serum, plasma, oral fluid
Sensitivity: 100%
Specificity: 99.7%
Reading time: 15 minutes

Test Attributes

  • Whole blood, serum, or plasma may be used for testing

  • Results available in only 10 minutes

  • Easy to use

  • Results can be read visually

  • No need for an analyser

  • Cost effective method for assisting to diagnose malaria infections

malaria test

malaria diagnosis

malaria diagnosis test

Assay Procedure of New Coronavirus COVID-19 Antigen rapid test kit

Please read the instruction for use carefully before using this kit. All reagents should be incubated at room temperature (10-30°C) for 30 minutes prior to use. The test should be carried out at room temperature and the operation procedure is described below:

1.Open the sealed bag and remove the Detection Strip. Mark the sample ID on the test strip and lay the strip flat on the table.

2. Specimen collection

1).Carefully insert the swab into the nostril of the patient, reaching the surface of posterior nasopharynx, that presents the most secretion under visual inspection.

2).Swab over the surface of the posterior nasopharynx. Rotate the swab several times.

3).Withdraw the swab from the nasal cavity.


3.Sample preparation

1). Insert the sample diluent tube into the pipe rack, make sure that the tube is standing firm and reaches the bottom of the pipe rack.


2). Open the purple cap of the sample diluent tube. Insert the swab into the diluent tube which contains 0.5 mL of the diluent buffer. Roll the swab at least 6 times while pressing the head against the bottom and side of the diluent tube.

3). Leave the swab in the diluent tube for 1 minute.

4). Squeeze the tube several times with fingers from outside of the tube to immerse the swab. Remove the swabclose the cap. The diluent solution will be used as test sample.

5). Open the small cap on the top of the sample dilution tube. Add 3-4 drops (~100 μL) of the sample diluent buffer immediately to the sample well.

6). Allow the strip to develop for 10-15 minutes at room temperature. A visible band can be read by naked eyes.



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