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Microscope Cover Glass

Standard-grade cover glass is a thin and flat glass sheet made of ultra-white glass, usually square or rectangular, with a thickness of a fraction of a millimeter, and placed on an object observed with a microscope. The object is usually placed between a cover glass and a slightly thicker microscope slide.

It is made of selected ultra-white glass and has excellent optical performance, providing you with extraordinary clarity for reading and diagnosis.
The microscope cover glass is designed completely in accordance with international standards. It is manufactured through a unique processing technology and an exclusive moisture-proof packaging treatment to ensure that each product not only has the advantages of
The more optical performance, and also has excellent moisture-proof and anti-adhesive performance, so that the automatic sealing is more smooth, so that it is possible to easily separate the cover sheet, and you can use it with comfort.
Thickness: #1 (0.13-0.16mm), #1.5 (0.16-0.19mm) and #2 (0.19-0.22mm)

Packaging features:

The cover glass is vacuum-packaged with aluminum-plastic film, which has a good ability to isolate water vapor and isolate the influence of external humidity on the product.

·The desiccant is placed in the box to help maintain the dynamic balance of humidity in the microenvironment where the product is located.

·The vacuum aluminum foil bag completely isolates the material exchange of any form of gas and moisture that may occur inside and outside the bag.


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