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Model WS-40 Handheld Digital Anemometer

The main function for WS-40 Handheld Digital Anemometer Meter is for measure air velocity. The instrument with compact structure, small size, stable and reliable and easy to use. It can be used wildly in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, environmental protection, weather, cleanroom, chemical fiber textile, various air velocity laboratory and so on.

Main function

1.Using new semiconductor nm process vultra-low-power 32 bit microprocessor.

2.2.6 inch IPS color screen, the resolution is 320x240.

3.It with Large memory for storing data (16000samples) and can view history data directly.

4.The data can be download to PC via USB line.

5.With printing function (Optional).

6. Zero-scale calibration

7.English operation menu, simple and useful.

8.With Over-voltage protection, Overcharge Protection and with function of resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference.

Main parameter

1. Sensor Type: Hot bulb

2. Measurement range 0~2m/s  or  0.~20m/s(Selectable)

3. Resolution 0.01m/s

4. Detection precision ≤3%(Full Scale)

5. Response time: ≤3s

6. Overall size (W×L×H):85×55×180(mm)

7. Operating environmentTemperature:0~50℃;Humidity:<85%RH;  Atmosphere pressure: 970~1040hPa

8. Power supply:3.7V/2400mA  Li-battery

9. Weight:0.36Kg

10. AccessoriesUSB Charger line、Data line、User manual、Calibration certificate 、Warranty


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