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Modular Medical Molecular Sieve Oxygen System

Medical molecular sieve oxygen system extracts oxygen for national standards for oxygen units with the highest safety, reliability, oxygen supply requirements for conventional oxygen and high peak period. It has the advantages of simple process flow, small land area and convenient operation and maintenance. The complete unit is operated continuously for complete automation.


Home10L oxygen machine

module oxygen machine

It is composed of air compressor, cold dryer, gas storage tank, molecular sieve tower and oxygen storage tank. This split one needs to be assembled, debugged and installed after arriving at the site.it is very complex.

Most to family recover rehabilitation and health care physiotherapy,it can not be used together to ventilator. Lower than 10 liters of oxygen per minute oxygen production machine, for medium or heavy COVID  patients, it is difficult to have an effect. The total time of general design work is short. Oxygen concentrations are mostly substandard,

Our integrated machine composed of molecular sieve oxygen making module, oil-free supercharger and oxygen storage tank. The molecular sieve oxygen making module is composed of several modules according to the size of the equipment. The single oxygen making module includes oil-free air compressor, filtration system and molecular sieve tower. Only open power can be used, before the factory has done debugging and oxygen concentration test. Exit way out pressure 0.1-0.7 MPA adjustable,set to 0.4 MPA before leaving the factory. The design service life is long, after the epidemic situation, the hospital may continue to use.

Main performance parameters of module oxygen generator

Product specificattion


Oxygen production(L/min)


Overall dimensions(mm)


The weight of the (KG)




Oxygen storage tank(L)


Reference bed number



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