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Nucleic Acid Aerosol Polltion Removal Instrument Clear Aerosol DNA/ RNA

The air purification sterilizer (nucleic acid aerosol pollution removal instrument) is specially used to remove aerosol DNA/RNA in the laboratory air, and can also sterilize the space area where the microbial limit is required, which can directly ill bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Species of microorganisms

1. Removal of aerosol DNA/RNA in the air, the removal efficiency reaches more than 99%.

2. No need for air compressor to avoid huge noise.

3. The product adopts a specially designed industrial-grade dispersion system, the diameter of nano-micron liquid beads is ≤5µm.

4. Equipped with HEPA high-efficiency filter to remove residual viruses, bacteria, DNA, RNA and residual reagents effectively in the air.

5. Pollution removal range: bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, aerosol DNA/RNA, formaldehyde, benzene, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.

6. Space disinfection purpose, low concentration of hydrogen peroxide (≤8%) can achieve 99.9% killing effect of bacteria.

7. The reagent usage is small, only 6-10ml/m³, the material compatibility is good, no residue, no corrosion.

8. Four air outlets, disinfection without blind angle.

9. The production enterprise has the ISO13485 quality management system certificate.

10. The production enterprise passed the German TUV Rheinland certification.

11. The product has the functions of delayed start, wireless remote control, data recording etc.

12. Turbo-driven nano-micron liquid beads, up to 25m³/ min.


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