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Nucleic Acid Extractor High Quality New Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor

The BG-Flex-48 automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument adopts the mode of shaking and mixing, and can be temperature controlled, so that the sample can be lysed under appropriate conditions, nucleic acid magnetic beads are bound, eluted and released, and magnetic beads are transferred through a magnetic field device. Separation, to achieve biological separation equipment for extracting nucleic acid substances in samples; the instrument can extract a single sample or extract 48 samples at the same time. The user can edit the experimental program, monitor the experimental status, turn on or off the UV lamp disinfection function through the touch screen, etc. , It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast extraction and reliable results.
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Technical parameters

Pollution prevention and control● Built-in UV lamp in experiment cabin ● The experiment cabin is equipped with an external independent air  duct, and the built-in filter can absorb the nucleic acid aerosol in the  instrument
Temperature control module3, lysis, elution, the third temperature control module for reagent or  program optimization and upgrade
Processing capacity● 1-32 Samples
● 96 Samples
Operation control methodA color LCD touch screen
Processing volume20-1000μL
Magnetic bead recovery rate≥98%
Temperature control range

● Lysis heating: room temperature~99°C

● Elution heating: room temperature~99°C 

Sample typeThroat swabs, serum, plasma, whole blood, enrichment fluid, tissues,  dried blood spots, etc.
Extract program storage fluxNo less than 100 groups of programs, users can flexibly create, edit  and delete programs according to their needs
Principle of operationMagnetic adsorption technology


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