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Polymer Splint-fiber Glass

Supporting tool for orthopedic trauma surgery.

Application Scope

Used for external fixation of fracture.

Application Method

1. The operator should wear gloves before the operation to avoid contamination of hands by glue.

2. Select appropriate specification and quantity of the product based on the actual needs of the wound of the patient, and unpack the product one by one during operation.

3. According to use needs, before use, take out the unpacked product, hold the splint by hand, and then immerse It into the water with temperature of 20-45*0 (68-75T) for 3-10 seconds until the product Is fully soaked.

4. Take out the product from the water, hold the splint with both hands, slightly use more force, and squeeze out the excess water In the product.

5. Put the soaked and dried product on the patient's wound; shape the product within 3-8 minutes.

6. Fetch one roll or several rolls of gauze bandage or cotton pad; enwind them onto the splint in a certain sequence and direction, In order to fix the position of splint.



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