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Portable Phlegm Suction Unit

The portable phlegm suction unit is applicable to suck thick liquid such as pus-blood and phlegm under negative pressure.

• Oil-free piston pump helps to keep from oil mist pollution.
• Plastic panel makes it resistant from water erosion.
• Overflow valve helps to prevent liquid from flowing into pump.
• Negative pressure is adjustable according to requirements.
• Small volume and light weight, easy to carry, especially suitable for emergency and doctors going their rounds outsides.
1. Ultimate negative pressure value:≥0.075MPa (H003-A/H003-C)4. Regulating scope of negative pressure: 0.02MPa ~ maxium
≥0.070MPa(H003-B)5. Reservoir: ≥1000 mL, 1pc
2.Air exhausting speed: ≥15L/min (H003-A)6. Input power: 90VA
≥11L/min (H003-B)7. Noise: ≤65dB(A)
≥18L/min (H003-C)8. Suction pump: piston pump

3. Power supply: AC22OV±22V/110V±11V, 50/60Hz±lHz


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