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Processing/Embedding Cassettes

Embedding cassette is used for tissue embedding before paraffin section in hospital or laboratory pathological examination, and it carries tissue samples during embedding process.

Embedding cassettes are widely used in the pre-processing of histopathological samples, and are specially designed to safely contain histopathological specimens for processing, embedding, tissue sectioning and storage.

Suitable for biopsy samples, with a 0.9*0.9mm fine grid hole, which is more suitable for biopsy samples and reduces the risk of tissue loss. The inner card type removable cover saves a lot of space


· POM material, 100% chemical resistance

· Square hole, the size is 0.9mm × 0.9 mm

· There is a large writing surface on both sides, and the front end is a 45° writing surface, which is suitable for most embedding box marking machines

· Cartridge, can provide users with the greatest convenience

·In order to relieve your visual fatigue at work, and to facilitate the distinction between different types of samples,

Available in 11 colors (white, yellow, green, pink, blue, brown, purple, peach, orange, aqua, light green)

Bottom/cover not assembled

4x500 bottom+2x1000 cover/box

Bottom/cover assembled

375pcs/medium box, 8x375pcs/carton


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