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Safety Lancet 21G

Safety lancet is a sterile, single-use disposable lancing device that automatically injects the lancet into and retracts it from the fingertip to obtain a capillary blood sample from for multiple testing purposes with a painless, convenient and hygienic experience.

Key Features

Safety indicator shows clearly if device has been used

needle covered at all times before and after use

painless puncture within 0.3 second


Model      Specification    Depth   color     Shelf life(year )    Package

XLⅡ-2122   21G(0.8mm)      2.2mm   Orange         3              100/5000

XLⅡ-2118   21G(0.8mm)      1.8mm   Dark green     3              100/5000

XLⅡ-2318   23G(0.6mm)      1.8mm   Light green    3              100/5000

XLⅡ-2618   26G(0.45mm)     1.8mm   Yellow         3              100/5000

XLⅡ-2818   28G(0.36mm)     1.8mm   Purple         3              100/5000

XLⅡ-3018   30G(0.3mm)      1.8mm   Dark Gray      3              100/5000


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