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Thermal Imaging Temperature Measuring Door

The thermal imaging temperature measuring door can test the face temperature of the personnel passing through the security gate and accurately match the personnel to achieve non-sensing temperature measurement. The temperature accuracy of the thermal imaging temperature measuring door is ±0.3℃, and the test distance: 0.3m-3m, test personnel Height: 1.45m-1.85m; Thermal imaging temperature measurement door Human body temperature preliminary screening: It can be set by the safety temperature threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, the local sound and light alarm can be linked to establish the first line of defense; the built-in high-definition touch screen can be displayed in real time Detect the number of people, the number of people with abnormal temperature, and the real-time temperature; voice broadcast: normal body temperature or abnormal body temperature Voice broadcast: built-in memory system, data can be viewed or exported at any time, picture storage capacity ≥50,000, no external computer required; support for memory expansion, no need to set .

Product parameters and features

Dimensions: 2200*910*500 (mm)

Channel size: 2000*800*500 (mm)

Temperature measurement distance: 0.8m-2m

Temperature measurement range: 28℃~45℃

Working temperature: 10℃~35℃

Working humidity: <95%RH non-condensing

Temperature measurement speed: ≤300ms

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.5℃

Analysis rate: 2688×1520@25fps


★Using thermal imaging non-contact temperature measurement, it can detect the face of passing personnel and measure the temperature;

★Real-time display of body temperature data, the indicator light for normal body temperature is green; the indicator light for abnormal body temperature is red;

★With its own industrial computer equipment, it can be directly connected to LED, LCD, TV, and monitor;

★Support access to access control time and attendance software, which can do face time and attendance management;

★Support multi-target simultaneous detection of body temperature, up to 30 faces;

★Support HDMl, USB, network port and other interfaces, and support to check in and out records;

★Modular component design, convenient installation, simple operation, saving transportation and maintenance costs.


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