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Video Laryngoscope for Infant/Adult

Security advice: 1. This product must avoid any bad influence , such as strong electromagnetic radiation or high temperature. This product in the transport and use should be handle with care, prevent shock, vibration and humidity. This product can only be authorized by the company of professional maintenance personnel. This product can only be used by the company to provide the power charger charging. This product in the event of a malfunction, please contact our customer service in a timely manner. Matters needing attention: 1.When using can't overexert. 2.The product display component is not waterproof, when cleaning, please pay attention to waterproof. 3.For the first time use please recharge. 4. Product when not in use ,need 2-3 months to charge. 5.This product is not used as a medical device when charging。 6.Patients with severe oral mucosal damage should use with caution. 7.The automatic switching time of the device is 9 minutes. As long as the machine is in operation, it will not switch on and off automatically 8. Connect the camera system before start, Replace the camera system,must be in the state of shut down.
field angle72°±5°
Battery lifeImported large capacity lithium battery,continuous use ≥300 minutes
host keysPower key contains scale freezing function , Camera button contains the video function
materialWith medical 304 stainless steel parts
light sourcehigh power waterproof LED
cameradouble anti fog, no blind area
InterfaceUSB interface for charging and data collection, TF card interface with hotplug function
laryngoscope bladeDifferent specifications meet various oral structure, asepsis packing a one-time use Blade size :1.Adult 2.Pediatric3.Neonate
Chargercharger input100~240V,50/60Hz,0.35A
charger output5V,2000mA
charging time<4h
Work environmenttemperature 5℃~40℃
atmospheric pressure860hpa~1060hpa
Internal power supplyLithium ion batteries, 4.4 V to 6.0 V
Transportation and storage environmenttemperature -40℃~+55℃
atmospheric pressure500hpa~1060hpa


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