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Congratulations to our company for obtaining the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate"

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Congratulations to our company for obtaining the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate"

The company recently received the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" jointly issued by Hunan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Hunan Provincial Department of Finance, and Hunan Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. The Certificate number is GR202043001340, issued on is September 11, 2020. The validity period is three years.


Since its establishment two years ago, Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached importance to scientific research and development, and has continued to develop products such as Virus Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit or Nucleic Acid Detection Kit, New Coronavirus COVID-19 Antibody Detection Kit, and Single-use samplers, and has reached a high level of technological achievement transformation. With high quality and high reputation, it is favored by many partners.

National high-tech enterprises are also known as national-level high-tech enterprises. According to the "Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises", national high-tech enterprises refer to continuous research and development and the transformation of technological achievements in the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State". A resident enterprise that forms the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise and carries out business activities based on it. Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the selection of high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province this time. It has undergone strict evaluation and approval procedures to become a national high-tech enterprise. It will receive strong support from the state and enjoy preferential tax deductions and additional deductions for research and development expenses , National scientific research funding support and financial appropriation, national-level qualification certification signs, government funding support, and corporate listing bonus points, etc., which play an important role in enhancing corporate brand image and market value.The approval of a high-tech enterprise is an affirmation of Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd.'s overall scientific and technological achievements transformation and research and development level. So that the company has the opportunity to win more national technical and policy support in the process of innovation and development. It is a powerful guarantee by intensifying technological innovation and developing new products with high-tech content.

Being rated as a high-tech enterprise is undoubtedly an incentive to our company. It will further promote the company's independent innovation and independent research and development process, and it is also another milestone in the company's history. In the future, Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to enter a high-quality talent team to provide a fundamental guarantee for independent innovation. Our company will pay more attention to technological innovation, develop and lead the market with technology, and form a competitive advantage with new technology and new products, make which as the main engine and profit growth point of enterprise development, enhancing enterprise anti-risk ability and market core competitiveness, creating new glory.

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