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Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. two anniversary celebrations ended successfully

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Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. two anniversary celebrations ended successfully

"Time is like the rushing river, whether day or night goes by", How time flies, two years of flicks, Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Runmei") ushered in its second birthday. In the past two years, Runmei people have worked hard in the fierce domestic and foreign market environment, forged ahead, accepted the baptism of market storms, and achieved fruitful results. To celebrate this special day, on July 21, 2020, Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. held its second anniversary celebration in Daming Villa.

In addition to the employees of Runmei, the participants in this celebration also had some old friends and the employees’ families. They shared the joy and excitement of Runmei's second anniversary. Before the celebration began, the company’s development process and corporate promotion PPT were played on the big screen in a loop. Two years of hard work and two years of development were all concentrated in this promotional video. Familiar or unfamiliar faces, professional certifications at home and abroad, and the epitome of everyone's hard work, let us review the development process in the past two years, which makes people feel emotional.


After the staff arrived in the afternoon, they took a group photo of all the staff. Although the scorching sun was blazing, it did not reduce everyone's enthusiasm. Then started several outreach activities on the big lawn. For example, ten people circled volleyball, five people six feet, two people skipping rope, etc., everyone had a great time. Especially in the tug-of-war competition, the production department and the quality department played against the marketing department, the sales department and the financial department. Everyone worked together to fight for honor. In the end, the marketing department, the sales department and the financial department won the game with a score of 2:0. Then employees and friends participated in table tennis, badminton, billiards, KTV, basketball and other activities, especially on the basketball court, everyone sweated and showed youthful vitality and superb skills. Through the expansion activities, the distance between everyone was shortened, the friendship between each other was strengthened, and the physique was strengthened, demonstrating the unity, cooperation and tacit cooperation among colleagues.


The dinner began, the host opened, and then the general manager Mr. Gong Jian gave a speech. The general manager reviewed the company's struggle in the past two years and looked forward to the future, adhering to the corporate mission of "solving pain points for the industry and creating value for the society". Starting from scratch, we have gone through many challenges and hard work until now, the staff is full, the sales have grown steadily, and the production line has been added one after another. Thanks to the support of the veterans in the early days of business and the hard work of all employees, and firmly believe that Runmei's future will be more brilliant. The general manager's speech won warm applause from everyone.


Then began the mini-game session, including carrot squatting, drumming and passing flowers, singing and dancing performances, etc. The "Priceless Sister" dance by Ms. Long Zhi, marketing manager, won waves of applause and cheers. The dancers are confident and beautiful. The audience applauded vigorously, and some small fans came to the stage to present balloons. The general manager also couldn't help the promotion of the atmosphere, singing a song "Being Loyal to the Country", pushing the banquet atmosphere to a climax.


The most exciting lottery session finally came. At the banquet, 30 fourth prizes, 40 third prizes, 20 second prizes, ten first prizes, and five special prizes were drawn. Everyone is guaranteed a prize, and everyone returns with a lot of gifts, and their faces are full of winning smiles.


At the banquet, everyone drank a glass of wine together with laughter, drank the wine, and filled it up again. This is the friendship along the way. With blessings and laughter, the happy hour of the anniversary celebration also ended successfully. The banquet is over, but we will continue to move forward. We will continue to work hard and continue to work together to win the future.

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