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New Arrival single use sampler (Saliva Sample Collector ) for COVID 19

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New Arrival single use sampler (Saliva Sample Collector ) for COVID 19 

Dear Customers,

We thank you for the support that you have given to us, by inquiring our COVID-19 series products. We would now like to introduce the Saliva Sample Collector, the newly product of Single-use Samplers series.


In terms of newly and huge market requirement, based on the following problems arise in the application, we rapidly develop the mould and launch the Saliva Sample Collector into market, which is better get rid of:

--  feel terrible sick and ache when collect the sample from throat or nasal by swabs insert;

--  feel tension or fear when collect blood sample by blood-drawing test kit

--  feel uncertain or doubt when take antigen detection by various interfered factors

Our Saliva Sample Collector is composed by Collection Funnel(with a collection tube), Saliva Preservation Tube(with 3ml saliva preservation solution ) and Biohazard Bag. Compared with the common used blow molding package, our Saliva Sample Collector is the first one with blister package in the market, which is:

--  ventilated good for disinfection

--  completely sterile

--  high efficient of packing without close the lid by manual

--  friendly environment

--  wholly automatic operation keep the output

As an experience and reliable manufacturer, I’d like to support you to seize the market and chance at first time, offering our research and development comprehensive competence.

If there is any further requirement about the detail information or sample, pls contact us.


With regards,

Hunan Runmei Gene

Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co.,LTD

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